Better Email Management – Saturday Challenge

Regular I receive total 1000+ emails  from my clients, project leads, executives, trainees, senior management and online portals.

It is never possible to review each and every mail ever but I can’t delete them as all of them are very important and may be use any time. So, I have to create more than 300 folders and sub folders to manage each and every mails proper way.

This is my task tomorrow and it is very important for me. Tomorrow is Saturday so I will be quite free which time I can use for better emails management.

Let me think, how can I manage my email box:

– I have to create a folder named “current projects” or similar name.

– under the current projects named folder, I have to create a folder for each running projects.

– have to follow the same with old projects

Oooo nooo, under current projects and old projects folder, I have to keep at least more than 200 total folders.

– Apart from those, I have to create folders on my team members name and all those folders will be under “colleague” named folder.

Moreover, I have to maintain:

– a personal folder

– different types of Flexsys mails

and lots. Actually I can’t think more!


I already have 50 this kind of folders/sub folders so now I have to create more than 300 folders. Not only this, I have to forward all the mails to the respective folders and follow the same regular basis…….. :) :)

All the best for me!!

I am a mathematical student so quite sure that I can get success on it but very critical calculation !!

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